18 comments on “Kue Cap

  1. 3 of them all look delicous !Plz tell me more abt them ,Efratadenny – what’s that white food in the bowl, may it be coconut ?? and that cup of pink drink , too > v <

    • That drink is sarsaparilla tea. It is hot. But it has mint. So it is hot but it tasted cold? I don’t know how to described, Yin. It is hot but it tasted cold. πŸ™‚
      Anyway, that is not coconut. Those are rice noodle. But they did not cut it. They make it square then they roll it. Then they pour soup on it. I find it delicious. This is a local food. Can’t find it in other city. Only at Pontianak City.

      • Amazing , I love tea very well , and the noodle sounds great ^ – ^ must note them down right away ! Nom nom! Thanks so much for the yummy info,Efratadenny!

        p/s: What a long name – sarsaparilla tea!

    • iya kaya kwetiau yang lebar terus digulung gitu. Tapi lebih lengket. Enak banget…. Sayang baru tahunya cuma di Pontianak. Belum pernah liat ada di kota lain.

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