I like to collect wines.
It was started when I was studying at Australia 2003. I never drink wine before. On my birthday, one of my Indonesian friend gave me Jacob’s Creek Cabernet Shiraz as my birthday gift. That is the first time I drank wine. I don’t really enjoyed the taste. However, the bottle remind me to my father’s wine collection.
In Australia, it is easy to find wine. The price is also reasonable. The first time I have chance to go back to Indonesia, I bought Jacob’s Creek Cabernet Shiraz as my souvenir. I like to put it beside my father’s collection. Now, I have to buy wine every time went overseas.
Since my other hobby is photography and I have a lot of wines, I like to take their picture using my camera on my homemade table top. My camera is Canon EOS 40D. I built my homemade table top using PVC pipe and acrylic by my self. Low cost high impact like I said.


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