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I grew up in several cities in Indonesia. My first 18 years I spent in West Borneo from Sanggau, Mempawah, Singkawang, and Pontianak. Later I attended college at STT Telkom Bandung and received a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. I spent 5 years to live in Purwakarta, Bandung, and Jakarta. Then I took my double master degrees at Deakin University Melbourne Australia. I received Master of Commerce specialty in Business System Development and Master of Information System specialty in Supply Chain Management. I spent 3 years to live in Melbourne Australia. Since graduating I’ve put my degree to work in its specialty. My first professional job is in CS&L (Customer Service & Logistic) Department at Kraft Foods Indonesia, Jakarta. My work is mostly to handle Supply Chain Management through the company. Since my parents move to Manado, I spent my life mostly on Jakarta and Manado North Sulawesi.

After joined the company, this was when my “official” education ended. Since working I’ve never had any other formal education, all of my skills have been self-taught. I’m a mix of technicality, innovative and out of the box thinking. I love taking on technical challenges in anything I do, including photography. My great performance in the company was when I developed new system called CoDeR (Collaboration Demand and Replenishment). I travelled from Medan North Sumatera to Jayapura Papua to support my implementation. After the implementation, I have chance to join Asia Pacific Team to Implement Manugistic Software. This is the chance where I spent several months at Manila Philippines.

Besides my professional job, I have hobbies to collect wine and photography. I am not totally a wine drinker. I grew up in the country which people drink coffee and tea rather than wine. However, I like to collect bottle of wine. The more old the wine is and the more bottles my wine collections are, the more proud I am. My other hobby is Photography. I like to shoot everything from still life to underwater. I am a happy person to help my friend to be their photographer during their event or party. As photographer, I am not completely self taught. I found several references from book and internet. Therefore, I like to share my experiences and photos in this blog. Coincidentally, I like diving. Therefore, I started to learn underwater photography. There are many beautiful living creatures under the sea I like to captured using my camera.

I’m inspired by progress and movement. I like word “low cost high impact”. We don’t have to invest on expensive stuff to get the best result. If we don’t have the right tools, we could build them our self. I like to make stuff happen. Do It Yourself.


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  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by The Order Expert blog and for the “like” on “Order As Art: Ducks and “Diamonds.” I was looking at some of the photos here on your blog; I love their crispness and clarity. It’s almost like you can reach out and touch the different scenes. Thanks again!

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