22 comments on “Lion Dog

  1. what a cute doggie ! I found it quite “chow chow” at first, then after reading Sydney’s comment, I started to be confused > v < !

    You should check his legs and his tongue,Efratadenny , chow chow (and only chow chow) will have a dark blue tongue (dark purple sometime) . 4 straight legs are also the sign of chow chow, those legs make them look very "manly" while walking !

    tibetan mastiff will grow up to be a huge kind of dog, price to "adopt" one is really "somewhere over the rainbow" !

    • I also confused because I am not following dogs. I only hear and tell. dark blue tongue? I know my tongue will be blue after I drink pepsi blue. 🙂 But I don’t think those dogs have blue tongue.
      I remembered my friend mention about expensive price because those puppies flying from China to Indonesia. But I don’t think my friend mention about tibetan mastiff. I remembered chow chow. Now I am confused 🙂

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