Zombie Story

I want to learn on how to create text story game. Story is about zombie survival. Each end of post, I will give several options. At the end, there are several ending based on your choice. The story is excerpted from ZDAY Survival Simulator on Ipad or Android. I won’t provide full story. Also, no music. If you want full experience, you can buy ZDAY Survival Simulator 🙂 Let us begin.


…. There has been a global outbreak of the “Zombie” virus. You are at home in a densely populated suburb. You know you need to survive. You are inside your home, there are lots of windows and doors that would be easily broken in the event of a horde. They will come for you soon, will you stay here and fight the horde or try to get to safer ground?

You decide to get to safer ground. You are preparing to leave. You have to prepare your self with survival stuffs. There is every chance you may never return to this house. You choose to wear running shoes. You find a bat in your house. It takes two hands to swing a bat properly. You take a bat as your weapon. You only have two hands. So you decide to use your backpack to carry more things. A backpack is a good choice, allowing you to carry supplies and keep your hands free. It will also provide extra protection from rear attack. You take a minute to gather items like a flashlight, duct tape, and a first aid kit.

It takes only minutes for you to gather the items, but you hear sounds coming from back door. Someone is trying to break in at your back door. What would you do??




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