37 comments on “Maria Clara Sangria Red Wine

  1. i bought myself one last night as it says healthy and refreshing drink, i’m still searching about it this morning when i come across ur blog thinking it wud give me some info… πŸ™‚

  2. i think the fruit picture on the label is to imply that the wine is not too strong ,so it attacts the women market, and it implies it’s healthy, that’s why they said at the back “healthy and refreshing”.I would have wanted to know the ingredients but neither is it mentioned there

    • Glad to know other view point about the label. Do you taste this wine not too strong? I have not tasted it. Only have one for my collection. This wine is unique for my collection because its label look like fruit juice for me. πŸ™‚ Also, the label shows grape, orange, and lemon fruit pictures. It is an unique combination for red wine. Sadly, label have tell no information about ingredients. Also, I couldn’t find company official website.

  3. The label mentions that it is a blend of red wine and citrus (juice). The result will probably be juice with a very small amount of alcohol (10 %).
    If you are a wine lover, you will certainly be very disappointed when drinking it. You can add some fresh fruit and gin and drink it chilled as a cocktail.

    • Thank you, Philip, for visiting my blog and for your honest comment. Your cocktail suggestion is very interesting. I had never think to make cocktail from wine before. πŸ™‚

  4. http://www.limtuaco.com/sangria.html
    hope this site would help. i dont know anything about wine but this has a fruity taste and a little kick. I drink 1 glass before going to sleep. It calms me at night. Cheap for a bottle. Costs only P128 or $3. You can buy this at any convenience store or supermarket. As I’ve said I’m not a wine fan because of it’s strong taste. But this is perfect for me. Fruity flavor with a kick. Like fruit juice in some ways.

  5. http://www.limtuaco.com/sangria.html
    Hope this helps!

    I’m not a wine lover because of it’s strong taste. I like wine sweeter. And this is perfect for my taste. Yes, it tastes like fruit juice w/ a slight kick. I drink this 1 glass every night. It’s also cheap for Php128 or $3. You can buy this at any convenience store or grocery store. Maria Clara stands for a female name during spanish era. Maybe because this is for women’s taste? That i’m not really sure.
    Have a good day!

  6. Heh, I love Sangria the worse was pretty good. I’m glad you liked my sign of Ducks Walking. Thank you for visiting my site. I thought it was kind of funny.

  7. I bought 2 bottles of this wine for new year’s eve. I was disappointed because of the taste but I still gulped down the 1st bottle. I want to pour the remaining bottle for grilling my pork..My question is is this the right wine to mix with your pork? Please help… πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ninja, thank you for visiting my blog. This wine is not pure made from grapes. It was mixed. Therefore they put many fruits picture on the label. I haven’t tried to use it to marinate meat. If you do, please let me know how it taste. Anyway, I prefer to use shiraz to marinate grilled meat.

  8. Correction people, it is spelled as Philippines not Philippine πŸ™‚
    Give respect to the beautiful Islands of the Philippines.
    Plus if you want to get pretty drunk, you should try Lambanog if you have any chance to visit the country. Just sharing.

  9. Hello. I was searching where I could find this wine in the USA but no luck yet but I have tasted it and it is the best wine I have ever tasted and When I was in the Philippines , my wife from which is where she is from had turned me onto this delicious wine. and it is not just grape juice but it is very sweet and it does have a kick to it if you are looking for a buzz , but I found it to be a very smooth and sweet sipping wine and I have not been back to the Philippines since I married my wife back in 2007 . So if any one knows where to find it in the USA please let me know. Thanks David

    • Well unfortunately this is not yet availablet is US stores but you can try an all natural product with no added flavoring from Destileria Limtuaco like – MANILLE LIQUEUR DE CALAMANSI or PARADISE MANGO RHUM which are already available in other US-Filipino malls like SEAFOOD CITY.

  10. Reblogged this on Philippine liquors and commented:
    In the ancient times noble people used to drink wine during their splendid meals to arouse appetite. They diluted it with fruit juice and berry mousse to make the taste of wine richer and decrease the concentration of alcohol. That’s one of the brief history how they came up with the blend. So basically it is really mixed up with fruit juices and sweeteners that’s why it is tangy and sweet at the same time. For me it’s a special drink since it catches not only Filipino taste but it is also comparable to Spain’s Sangria where it originated

  11. I have taste it … We have a lot of this wine in here cause we’re near philipines (sangihe island, northern indonesia) …
    It doesn’t strong and very very sweet …
    And indeed, they said it’s women’s wine … hahaha

    • @Renz – There are no expiration for this one as long as it stays untouched. But if want to preserve after opening, this mostly applies to wine, if you open a bottle stick it right back or better have a wine cork replacement.. and believe me it taste better when it gets old… πŸ™‚

  12. @Renz – There are no expiration for this one as long as it stays untouched. But if want to preserve after opening, this mostly applies to wine, if you open a bottle stick it right back or better have a wine cork replacement.. and believe me it taste better when it gets old… πŸ™‚

  13. hi. can i just ask if maria clara sangria named after maria clara of noli me tangere written by Jose Rizal? history of this wine please πŸ™‚

  14. Sorry about my English. More precisely for the translation Yandex translator. In 2002, the ship sent to the Philippines brought several hundred bottles of Maria Clara Sangria Red Wine for sale. As a result, no bottle was on sale. The staff of the company bought all the bottles. I was joked . Offered grape juice . I had a drink . Juice as juice. And then began. The feeling was to 25 degrees. We’re not selling. Perhaps not it comes). Would buy with pleasure.

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