9 comments on “Fern in my Garden

  1. WOW ! what an amazing fern and a nice garden you have, Efratadenny ^ – ^ it’s will be so great if you manage to share more about this beautiful garden of yours, really 🙂 !

    About the fern , your plant is very special to me , I rarely meet fern which is that big and tall . And I haven’t noticed that we can eat fern – this is just so cool ^ v ^ , Plz tell me what will I have to do ? just fry it with cooking oil ? or can we make a salad with it ?

    • Not all people like fern. Once I saw your post, I feel I have to share mine too. 🙂
      I never make fern as salad. We stir fry fern with paprika and onion and a little bit cooking oil. Quite hard to find recipe about stir fry fern. Let me post the recipe once I got it with the picture for sure.

      • I wrote a comment here yesterday , now it is nowhere to be seen > – < I wanted to say : thanks sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Eftratadenny , the treat sounds very yummy!

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