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  1. Banyak amaaaaaat…. Hehehe
    Saya mah ituuuu saja….. Jadul semua daahh, mulai dr Nokia, trs waktu masih ada Siemens, trs Samsung trs HTC trs neng ipon trs …. Lg ngincer apa tuh asus apa gitu heu..heu…
    Tapi saya ko dari jadul ndak suka BB yaah πŸ˜€

    • Itulah, Nengwie. Seandainya ada handphone yg ada Android, IOS, Windows, Blackberry dalam satu handphone, ga perlu banyak handphone ya.
      BBM wajib buat hemat pulsa disini, Nengwie. Chatting gratis hehe
      Asus setahuku laptop ya. Sekarang udah ada handphonenya?

      • Itu terbaik setelah samsung galaxy note 2… Itu jg denger dari misoa, waktu doi tanya pengen ganti apa lagi hihihi *jadi malu*

        eh Samsung Galaxy S3 lebih bagus lho pungtenya dibanding neng ipon5 πŸ™‚

        Iya asyik kalau ada perpaduan semuanya, trs harganya muraaaah πŸ˜€

      • Makanyaaaa itu buat WA ajaaa spt usul non Ra *ketawa bahagia nunggu pengumuman… Pokona mah dibela-belainlaaah buat ikutan πŸ˜€

        Aaahh galau teh bhs indo baru nya, teu dimana mana meni seueur pisan eta Galau, coba Halau dgn nyanyi Halau halau Bandung geura πŸ˜€

      • Kudu harus wajib ngerti Galau, Nengwie. Presiden aja istilahnya galau sekarang. πŸ™‚ hehe
        Ga enak dibuatin GA kalau handphone bekas artis gini. Dilelang aja cocoknya hehe.

      • Pusing abdi mah ngikutin bhs Indo jaman kiwari, katinggalan pesawat wae hehehe
        Aya anu ngangge angka2 juga wuaaah angkat tangan lah, blm lagi ada bahasa naon teh anu unyu2, ciyus… Kasian anak2 abdi yg bisanya bhs Indo baku pisan, mau makan, tidak boleh begitu, mau minum hehehe

  2. After re-reading your “Yes, This is Me,” I understand your five phones. I psychologically have difficulty with the phone fees. I still have a dumb phone (LG enV) because I refuse to pay the data charges. They just seem to be way overpriced for the value. One other reason I haven’t jumped on the smart phone bandwagon is that I can’t decide between IOS and Android. Windows is definitely out for me. Thanks for the great posts.

    • I don’t remember I write about mobile phone in “yes this is me”. πŸ™‚
      Yes, phone charges is quite high if we choose the full service plan. There are many telco operators nowadays. Competitive market force them to offer competitive price for their service plan. Therefore, I did several tricks to reduce the cost. I personally choose separate plan for each mobile phone. For Blackberry phone, I only activated blackberry plan without other data charges. Instead of SMS, BBM is free with this plan. For iphone and android, i used messenger application plan without any data charges. I used wifi if I want to download big application. skype is a very useful apps to reduce phone charges.
      Yes I agree that Windows phone is not user friendly. Need to learn more to operate this phone. Android or IOS? If you like free apps, choose android. If you concern about retina technology and strong apple’s brand, choose iphone 5.

      • In your About, you didn’t mention mobile phones specifically, but mentioned your education, career, travels and hobbies. I put two and two together and understand why you have multiple cell phones. In the US, it might be different, but now I ask myself if I can get a smart phone without a data plan and just use wi-fi and a messenger app. I don’t think we have BBM here. I will check that out.

      • Ah yes, now I can understand. I separated my phone number for job and family. In Indonesia, most people use BBM (Blackberry Messenger) for office and online shopping contact. For family or friends, people use LINE, Kakao, or Whatsup application. Using wifi is a great idea if our most activity is still in the wifi coverage. I bet you will buy an Iphone πŸ™‚

  3. I’m so out of date I only have one phone and don’t even use it fully. And even at that I find I don’t want to be “available”, even t friends, all the time. I findit interesting that so many people can share so much of their lives with so many others!

    I always enjoy this blog Efratadenny, and thanks for your interest in mine.

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