4 comments on “White Jasmine

    • Jasmine or Jasminum has more than 200 species in Asia. This is one of them according to gardener. 🙂 Glad you like them. So many jasmine flowers reminded me to wedding ceremony 🙂

  1. Right here at home , we have 3 potted plants of Jasmine, but the flowers are seasonal. They only bloom in spring, but wow, the smell is sooooo good, right there at our front porch. Even our visitors ask us what that nice smell is. Americans are not familiar with jasmine. By the way, my mother told me Jasmine is the Philippines’ National Flower, and they call it Sampaguita.

    • Sampaguita sounds like a restaurant name 🙂 I just know that it means jasmine. I remember that I saw some jasmine scent on shampoo, airspray, amd cosmetics during my stay at Manila. Indonesia also have a lot of jasmine. In traditional wedding ceremony, bride will wear clothes made by fresh jasmine flowers. Therefore, if you like jasmine scent, you are a way close to wedding ceremony 🙂

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