36 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

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  2. ^ – ^ I also know that instant noodle is not healthy , but sometimes I find myself dying for a bowl of spicy instant noodles 😦

  3. Mie instan… lumayan sering lah makan ini.. kalau diolah-olah bisa enak banget.. yaah, namanya juga anak kos… *mencari pembenaran* πŸ˜€

    btw, the instant noodle at your pic seems delicious… πŸ™‚

    • Sampah terbanyak anak kos ya bungkus mie instant ya. Pernah bikin martabak mie instant ga?
      Yang difoto itu mie korea rasa mushroom. Sosisnya yg enak hehe

      • Martabak mie instan.. wah, ya sering mas. itu adalah kreasi mi instan wajib anak kos kayaknya hehehehe

        iya.. sosisnya seems delicious πŸ˜€

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    • Some said instant noodles contain wax to extend the expiration. If that is true, then my stomach is full of wax. At least once a week I eat instant noodle.
      You have an healthy instant noodle with vegetable. I like to add bak-choi also. But I like egg and sausage more than vegetable. πŸ™‚

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  6. ^ – ^ I like so many flavors, Efrata Denny , Beef with mushroom (or with some kind of herb), Chicken with vegetables, Shrimp with spicy and sour soup (tastes like Tom Yum from Thailand) , Crab , instant “phở” , instant noodle in HuαΊΏ style (bΓΊn bΓ² huαΊΏ), Jajang Noodle …. Yum! Gotta make me a bowl of this right away!

    p/s: and what’s your favorite flavor, Efrata Denny ^ – ^ ?

  7. Not healthy but yummy especially when the weather is cold πŸ™‚ Sometimes I eat it for breakfast or for our “merienda”…Haven’t tried it with sausage though.

    • merienda is brunch, right? Cup Instant noodle is the best, fast, simple and tasty for merienda.
      Oh you should try it, noodle with sausage. Urrrgghhhh…. delicious. πŸ™‚

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