17 comments on “Big Fly

  1. Yep. There are a lot of flies in NY. A good thing about winter, is that there are no flies. They can give a painful bite, also. Especially when the skin is wet. It could be worse. The flies in Africa can cause a lot more problems

      • Nice post about flies. I just noticed there are many kind of flies. I prepared my self with mosquito electric racket just in case it will come back with friends. I used to hunt flies with it but not very effective.

      • Oh, disregard that last comment. Of course you did. Yes, flies are a real nuisance here. If I was in Africa though, I’d have to have something covering every inch off my skin, and wear goggles. Good grief.

    • That was in Bandung. Only one fly but big. I was glad that that fly did not bring its friends when I tried to kill it. 🙂
      Depok? I have close family in Depok at Kartini road but I rarely visit them. I think flies in Depok are even bigger because they eat junk food from Jakarta. 😀

      • ahahahaha, you’re hilarious! I guess you’re right. Probably the ones in Detos are the biggest? They’ve got a big mall up there, a center of junk food. 😉

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