15 comments on “Clifford Foodcourt Guangzhou

  1. I really have no idea if we can drive from Vietnam to Guangzhou , may be “yes” if we start from those cities which are in the north of VietNam , in my case , taking a plane from Saigon to Guangzhou is the fastest and safest way ^ – ^

    • I was overheard that people can drive from Singapore to Vietnam and it was quite adventurous. Looking at map, I think from Hanoi to Guangzhou is nearer and only pass one country border. Yes, taking plane is the safest way. I think it will be much cheaper than driving also.

      • yup , young people in my country now find interesting when travel from place to place by driving (we call it “đi phượt” ).I tried it once , and just 1 more step to heaven that time :l moreover , we lost 1/3 of our money paying for the guy from the motorbike-repair-store when 1 of my friends got his morotbike down in the middle of the journey !

  2. About the legend, this is what I ‘ve read : According to the legend more than 1000 years ago, Guangzhou was a not a rich land. One day, people heard a heavenly song and saw five fairies wearing colorful dress and riding five rams with each ram carrying six bundles of grains in their mouth. They gave the grains to the Guangzhou people and blessed the place forever with a good harvest and then the fairies left but the five rams turned into stones. Since then Guangzhou became a prosperous land and its people enjoyed a better life.

      • ^ – ^ have a good trip with your awesome photos-as always !
        p/s : so sorry Efratadenny, My internet might have problem yesterday , I posted a long comment , then saw nothing , so I tried again and again and there was not any change , finally , I decided to split the comment into 3 little parts . I have no idea why it becomes so messy today 😦 so sorry , hope you may delete those (4) long long long comments for your convenience.

      • Thank you Yinyin. Your comments are very useful for my references. I have deleted some duplicate comments. Please don’t hesitate to visit my blog often 🙂

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