8 comments on “Sausage Satay

  1. yes, we use the chunky peanut butter. And yes, we also skewer pineapple chunks and sweet bell pepper. I wonder if Filipinos and Indonesians eat the same kind of food. We do have dishes with coconut milk. But Filipino food is kinda mixed, mostly Spanish. well, the Philippines was under Spain for 400 years,]].

    • Yes peanut sauce is great for chicken, lamb, or beef satay. I think south east Asia have similar food. However, balut is quite special. I only see it in Philippine. Also, I love crispy pata a lot when I visited Manila. Have you visited Indonesia?

  2. No, I hope I can in the future. But I’ve been to Malasia and Singapore, but too small to remember. Crispy pata is delicious. We eat with vinegar, garlic. Filipino food is not spicy, isn’t it ?

    • I don’t think you will have problem with food taste in Indonesia. Only maybe you should ask before hand for your spicy level adjustment. Crispy pata… yummm… I still remember how it taste. I think I want to finish one whole leg next time hahaha 🙂 Do you have chance to eat crispy pata in US?
      So far I don’t taste any spicy food from Philippine. Does Filipino have spicy food?

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