8 comments on “Shoe Flower

  1. Is that hibiscus ? In VietNam , we call them “dâm bụt” ^ – ^ if you try a cup of hibiscus tea, it will be a little bit sour and spicy at first but light sweet after swallowing !

    • Yes that is Hibiscus. What is translation of dâm bụt? Does it mean shoe flower as well? 🙂
      I haven’t tried hibiscus tea but I saw it once at local market. Does it have specific benefits?

      • ^ – ^ there are many explanations for the meaning of “dâm bụt” .Some say that its original name was “dâng bụt”-dedicated flowers for Buddha , or “râm bụt”- the parasol of Buddha ! About the benefits of hibicus tea – it is very good for people who have mild flu or heart disease .It also gives a big help in lowering the blood pressure and losing weight ! In my country , we have hibicus in many colors : the traditional red , pastel pink , pink , orange ,yellow , white, pink with white border..

    • Lucu ya namanya ada hi ada bis ada bus. hehe
      Aku juga baru lihat yang merah disini. Di sana kalau musim dingin mekar gak? Disini sepertinya mekar sepanjang waktu.

      • sorry salah dikit yg benar *Hibiskus.

        Pas winter pohon2 mati suri alias rontok daunnya, ranting2nya jd warna coklat, akan mulai tumbuh daunnya lagi di bulan maret.

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