4 comments on “Regina Pacis Cathedral at Ho Chi Minh

  1. so happy you came to my hometown ^ – ^ if you visit here – at the square of the church – in the evening ,you may find many people praying in front of the status, with flowers , candles… Moreover , the grilled rice cake-with cheese , eggs and some little shrimps here is really worth to try ^ – ^

    • I have been several times to HCM. I enjoyed your city day and night especially at Bến Thành Market. Street foods are also amazing. I have try grilled rice cake but not with cheese. I will try it next time. For sure, I like to visit HCM again if I have chance.
      I don’t see any flowers and candles from previous night when I was there in the noon. Why do people pray every evening in front of the statue?

  2. I’m not so sure if people do it all week long :l .At first , I found them prayed only at weekend’s evening .Up to now , they pray before the statue ALMOST every night, with many groups and different shifts from 6:30 pm until 11:00 pm. It’s said that people have started to gather and pray since 2005 (30-10-2005) – when the statue of Regina Pacis was believed to cry with tear on her face.

    ^ – ^ Even though Bến Thành Market is great, the number of local citizens who do shopping there is not so high ! Next time if you visit Saigon , I am very happy and willing to be your guide ^ – ^

    • Very interesting to know that statue can cry.
      Yes I think Bến Thành Market is full with foreigner. Maybe that is why some stores they put fixed price. No bargain allowed. I am sad 😦
      But I love their night market. I can bargain both in USD and Dong. 😀 From there, I walk to opera house and finish my night on the local coffee shop. I love your coffee, especially highlands coffee.
      Thank you, Yin. That is a nice of you.

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